Inspire – Support – Community

Inspire – Support – Community

Growth through dance

Regeneration Dance Studio will provide your dancer with the opportunity to grow as a dancer, learn to be a good student and teammate, understand commitment, and perform with FULL INTEGRITY!

Serving as a dance coach and teacher since 2001, Erika thrives on teaching young dancers how to move and gain confidence in themselves and their bodies.

Through the power of movement and the support of caring coaches, dancers learn how to practice, perform, work as a team, and become stronger in their bodies and minds.

Through our recreational classes, coaches introduce students to technique and choreography, as well as a love and passion for dance and community.

Our competitive teams take the lessons learned from recreational classes and launch the dancers into the world of competitive dance.

Regeneration coaches prepare these dancers to perform as a team in front of a live audience and judges through higher level choreography, technique, and conditioning. The confidence this builds can crossover into every aspect of life, allowing them to be ready for whatever challenges come their way.



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come dance with us!

Come and play with us, let’s grow through dance together!